Why Briquetting

With the increase in the demand of energy. The natural conventional resources are diminishing very fast.  This can be controlled by using non conventional sources like sunlight, wind energy, water energy. But these sources cannot be used as fuel. So the best non conventional fuel is Biomass briquettes. There are many reasons why Briquetting is important, it has both social, environmental and financial benefits.think-green, why briquetting

Social benefits of Biomass Briquetting:

A tree saved is more than a tree grown. We need not spend more energy and money to grow more trees if we could avoid using them. Biomass briquettes utilizes the existing waste such as sawdust hence saves on cutting trees. They are a better source of fuel compared to traditional sources such as firewood hence reduces felling of trees.

The process of briquetting creates employment hence contributing to better living standards of people employed directly or indirectly.

Financial benefits of Biomass Briquetting:

Biomass Briquettes are more economical than other fuels because it contains low moisture, low ash, have high density, burns longer and have higher calorific values.  The demand for briquettes is increasing day by day as they form a better alternative source of fuel. It is very easy to handle, transport and store briquettes. It is cheaper than heavy furnace oil, steam coal, fire wood etc.

Environmental benefits of Biomass Briquetting:

The process of briquetting involves collection of waste that had previously been dumped in the environment. This reduces environmental pollution and promotes environmental protection and conservation. The briqiuettes themselves are clean, 100% organic and 100% Eco-friendly.