Charcoal Briquettes

“Charcoal  Briquettes are cost effective, burns longer, smokeless and odorless. They are Eco-friendly.”

Our approach is to disrupt traditions by creatively revolutionizing what people have used since time in memorial. As a cheaper, “drop-in” replacement for traditional fuel such as firewood the charcoal briquettes (green charcoal) are an elegant compromise. While we provide a cheaper energy alternative, we create jobs, recycle waste and reduce pressure on the environment.

The Charcoal Briquettes are widely used for home applications, in schools and colleges, poultry farmers, hotels and restaurants, hospitals and for space heating purposes among other uses.

Advantages of Charcoal Briquettes

  • NO smoke

    charcoal and biomass briquettes
    Charcoal Briquettes in a normal “Jiko” used in homes
  • No sparks
  • Cost friendly
  • Environmental friendly
  • Healthier, simple and clean
  • NO black and sooty fingers
  • NO odors, fumes once ignited
  • Easily disposal after cool down
  • NO kerosene, any oil to light up
  • Burns longer than common charcoal
  • The ashes could be used as plants fertilizer

We manufacture our Charcoal briquettes under the brand “Char Briq“. Click here to read more